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Monday, October 28, 2019

How do postal union contract settlements compare to other skilled/non-skilled labor contracts

  How do postal union contract settlements compare to other skilled/non-skilled labor contracts

Even with GM not doing so well and having to shutter 3 plants, the UAW ratified a deal that shows the company really does appreciate their workforce. Yes, even during difficult times, GM and the UAW know how to motivate a strong group of craft employees. Even though skilled labor will reap higher pay, the unskilled craft employees garner the same benefits by ratifying the new four (4) year contract. And the union did not toss aside those at shuttered plants where the union said it negotiated assistance packages for workers at Lordstown, Warren and Baltimore transmission plants, including $75,000 payments for eligible production workers and $85,000 for skilled workers who retire. There are also buyout options for those not eligible to retire. Additionally, employees will garner an $11K signing bonus, $60K for early retirement at non-closing plants. Also, as important, no change in the existing health plan provided and no additional cost to members. All of this is addition to a $12,000 cap on profit sharing being eliminated. All profits earned by GM in North America will generate payments to members. The contract also provides two 3% raises and two 4% bonuses. And for all the naysayers that think that unions are bad for business, GM shares were up about 1% during after-market trading following reports of the ratification. The stock closed at $36.74, up 2.57%. The union contract ratification is a win-win-win for GM, UAW (union), and investors. Additionally, the customer wins with continued quality manufacturing by a well motivated, well paid workforce. Now it's your turn U.S. Postal Service. We have listened to the Postmaster General compliment the great job employees do so how about putting your money where your bread is buttered ...the workers.

Reference: NPMHU 317  

Monday, October 21, 2019

Postmaster General Megan Brennan Announces Retirement

  Postmaster General Megan Brennan Announces Retirement

"... The NPMHU congratulates Postmaster General Megan Brennan on her pending retirement and thanks her for her 33 years of service to the United States Postal Service. Brennan is the seventy-fourth Postmaster General and the first woman to hold the office; she assumed the position on February 1, 2015. While we have not always agreed on everything, the NPMHU appreciates the openness and honesty through which she conducted herself in her dealings with the NPMHU, especially in collective bargaining. We hope that whoever becomes the next Postmaster General continues Brennan’s productive relationship with the NPMHU. The NPMHU wishes Megan success in her future endeavors.

PMG Megan J Brennan's retirement announcement (pdf)



Friday, October 4, 2019

RI399 Settlement to be Paid on October 4, 2019

  RI399 Settlement to be Paid on October 4, 2019

On June 26, 2018, the NPMHU, APWU and USPS reached a tripartite agreement Re: Update of Regional Instruction (RI) 399 Procedures.

With certain exceptions, the MOU effectively withdrew and administratively closed all cross-craft grievances that were pending in the RI- 399 process prior to September 1, 2017. The Update MOU also provided for monetary payments to mail handlers and clerks in consideration of the withdrawal of these grievances. The parties have agreed that $14,500,000 will be distributed among mail handlers designated by the NPMHU. The settlement and monetary payment distribution details were widely released and are also posted at

The USPS will make payment on this settlement in the final pay period of the 2019 fiscal year; thus, the settlement will be included in the October 4, 2019 paycheck.

The National Office has established a union-run appeal procedure for any claims that may be filed (1) by Mail Handlers who do not receive a monetary payment on October 4, 2019 but who believe they should have been listed amongst the eligible, or (2) by eligible Mail Handlers who receive a payment on October 4, 2019 but believe they did not receive the proper number of shares authorized. The decisions made by this appeal procedure will be final and binding.

The appeal procedures will be discussed in detail during the upcoming SAMLU meeting in Washington, DC. Appeal forms are linked below.

September 16, 2019 Memorandum to Local Presidents (pdf)

RI399 Appeal Form (Fillable pdf)

RI399 Appeal Form (pdf)


A look back at the last GM/UAW 2015 Contract Summary for hourly workers

  A look back at the last GM/UAW Contract Summary for hourly workers

As the UAW continues to strike for a fair share of GM's huge profits for present and future hourly workers and postal unions strive for a decent wage and benefits, it's a good time to see what the past UAW contract garnered for its members in their last contract (2015). Some of the contract wins included an $8,000 signing bonus, 3% wage increase the first year, 4% lump sum in the second year, 3% wage increase in the third year, and a 4% lump sum in the last year. Additionally, performance bonuses, quality bonuses, $500 retiree gift cards, $60,000 bonus for up to 4,000 taking a retirement. A legal Services Plan. Enhanced relocation benefits and more to include profit sharing. And of course they have pensions and great health benefits as well. Read it here:


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