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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pitney Bowes Software’s Data Analytics Says Huntsville Ranks 23 for Adding New Households in Next Five Years

  Pitney Bowes Software’s Data Analytics Says Houston, Atlanta and Washington DC Will Add the Most New Households in Next Five Years

"...“Projected household growth is a critical indicator for the economic prospects of a specific geographic area, and this data can help real estate, retail and a range of other businesses, plan their growth strategy scientifically,” said John O’Hara, President of Pitney Bowes Software. “It is no longer acceptable to make strategic business decisions on gut feel alone. Given the plethora of data, and the advanced tools for analyzing it, business leaders can stay ahead of real estate trends for planning.”..."


Thursday, November 15, 2012

USPS argues to halt raises and COLA's for Mail Handlers while overpaying execs

  USPS Execs Get Illegally High Salaries Admid $11.6 Bil Loss

"...turns out that at least three USPS officers made more than the legal compensation limit for their respective work category, according to the agency’s inspector general. In a report made public this month, the Postal Service watchdog reveals that one of the officers, identified as the president of digital solutions, made a whopping $306,250 last year. This exceeds even the “critical position” cap set by the federal law...."


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mail Handler Contract Negotiations Update (14)

  Contract Update #14

"...draconian proposals from the Postal Service, including – for current mail handlers – absolutely no general wage increases, no cost-of-living adjustments, and a drastic increase in employee contributions for health insurance to the current rate paid by federal employees. Another proposal from the Postal Service seeks to substantially modify, and effectively eliminate, the current no lay-off clause. In addition, the Postal Service is seeking the authority to hire and to utilize, without any contractual restrictions on scheduling, use, or retention, a total of 25% non-career casual employees. Finally, for new career mail handlers hired in the future, the Postal Service proposes that their pay rates be 20% lower at the entry level and 20% lower at the maximum level. The bottom line is that the Postal Service seeks to freeze the wages for all current mail handlers, while reducing their take-home pay by approximately 8% to pay for health insurance premiums. For new hires, the USPS proposal would mean a permanent, non-career workforce with low pay and no benefits for one-quarter of employees performing mail handler work, and a reduction of 20% in the wages of newly hired career mail handlers...."


Great Postal Related Gift Ideas: Upcycled Postal Mail Sacks

  TerraCycle Upcycles Old U.S. Postal Service Bags Into Chic Accessories

"...TerraCycle has made a name for itself by turning landfill-bound objects into one-of-a-kind accessories, and its newest line of bags is no different. Stitched together from decommissioned U.S. Postal Service cotton-canvas mail sacks, each upcycled pouch and tote features markings from the original carryall, along with distressing, light fraying, and patch marks from years of service. Plus, all iPad cases are lined remnant Ultrasuede scraps—all the better to keep your precious cargo safe through rain, sleet, and gloom of night...."


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do the statements of Vegliante in this article represent your thoughts/reality? ?

  No new buyouts on Postal Service horizon

"... Employee Reaction Vegliante said employees understand USPS needs to make changes in order to deal with declining mail volume and how Americans are now utilizing the Postal Service. "People are telling us, 'We understand what's going on. We understand the need to do certain things. We need to do it.' I can appreciate that because if you're the one that's subject to change, once you understand it, once you accept it, you want it to happen." ..."


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Postal Service acknowledges Birmingham absentee ballot problem

  Postal Service acknowledges Birmingham absentee ballot problem

"...USPS says mail processing equipment erroneously read the return address as the mailing address. They did not specify if the error occurred in Birmingham or in Montgomery, where the mail was post marked...."


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