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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

USPS Agrees to Provide NPMHU With All F-1 Scheduler Information in Accordance with NLRB Settlement

  USPS Agrees to Provide NPMHU With All F-1 Scheduler Information in Accordance with NLRB Settlement

The National Labor Relations issued a Complaint and Notice of Hearing against the U.S. Postal Service, based on an unfair labor practice filed by the NPMHU alleging that the Postal Service had illegally refused to respond to a series of information requests about the F-1 Scheduler that were filed by the NPMHU Contract Administration Department during the period running from May through November of 2017.

After the Complaint was issued, and hearings were scheduled first for May 24 and then for June 26, 2018, the NLRB, the Postal Service, and the NPMHU entered into settlement discussions, the result of which will provide to the National Office of the NPMHU all of the information requested.

The Postal Service is required to post the below referenced notice in all mail processing plants and on LiteBlue, and to certify compliance with its terms, which includes providing all information requested no later than July 9, 2018.

July 5, 2018- Read President Hogrogian's memorandum to Local Presidents (pdf)

NLRB settlement Case 05-CA-208552 (pdf)


Monday, July 2, 2018

Important changes to TSP withdrawal options

  Important changes to TSP withdrawal options

Did you realize that a new law has been passed that pertains to TSP withdrawal options. Although please note the law has been passed, but the new options are not yet available and it could take up to two years for them to become available. One important change is: Currently, when you take a withdrawal, the money comes from your traditional and Roth balances on a pro rata basis. For example, if 80% of your account is in your traditional balance and 20% is in Roth, any withdrawal you take will be 80% traditional and 20% Roth. Under the new rules, you can still use this method, but you’ll also have the option to take your withdrawal only from your Roth balance or only from your traditional balance. These options will be available for all types of withdrawals. Read the TSP Q&A relating to the changes at:

Reference: NPMHU 317  

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