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Friday, December 19, 2014

Union Notified of New Developments in USPS Data Breach

  Union Notified of New Developments in USPS Data Breach
December 18, 2014 – In a new development on the earlier data breach at the Postal Service, USPS has now sent individual letters to another group of employees who may have had personal information compromised. USPS informed us that a large number of Workers Compensation records were “possibly” compromised, in some cases including not only personal identifying information (such as social security number), but certain medical information and bank routing information as well. Further, these types of records go back many years, as opposed to the earlier reports related to records back as far as May 2012.

All affected employees and former employees should begin receiving letters this week from the Postal Service, alerting them to this possible breach, and recommending actions they should take to protect themselves.

If you are not sure whether your OWCP claim is one of those affected, or if you wish to speak with someone directly about your situation, you are encouraged to contact the USPS Human Resources Shared Service Center 1-877-477-3273 and choose option 5 (option 1 for TDD/TTY), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. eastern time.

In an on-line story posted on our web site on November 19, 2014, we provided links to some helpful web sites that provide more information on data breaches, and how to protect yourself against adverse consequences. In addition to credit monitoring, some of these sites suggest that individuals consider protecting themselves against “existing account fraud” by placing a fraud alert, a freeze, or both on their credit report. In many states, victims of a data breach can freeze their credit for free, but be aware that such a freeze may be inconvenient if you are trying to obtain credit, such as applying for a new credit card, buying or renting a place to live, etc. We encourage you to review this information carefully to decide how best to protect yourself going forward, as the NPMHU National Office continues to do everything in its power to address this breach, and to prevent future breaches that may affect employees, retirees, and others at the Postal Service.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Senator Tester Sends Clear Message to PMG and Congress

  Senator Tester Sends Clear Message to PMG and Congress

(U.S. Senate) December 4, 2014 – With the Postal Service and some members of Congress giving the green light to closing more mail processing facilities, Senator Jon Tester is sending a clear message: stop digging the hole deeper.

Tester today led a group of Senators to the Senate floor to tell Postal Service leadership and Congress that as long as the Postal Service continues to close area mail processing facilities, it is shooting itself in the foot as it strives to improve its finances.

“There are a lot of folks around here who’d love to see the Postal Service go out of business. But the Postal Service – whether in urban America or rural America – delivers the goods Americans need,” Tester said. “All the Postal Service doing with its short-sighted cuts is weakening trust in the Postal Service. Essentially, they are digging their fiscal hole deeper.”

Starting in January, the Postal Service plans to eliminate overnight delivery in most of the country and close 82 mail processing facilities. These facilities route mail around the country so that letters, packages, medicine, equipment – and, yes, holiday gifts – get where they need to go. Closing the facilities would also cost up to 15,000 jobs.

Tester and his colleagues are pushing for a moratorium on processing facility closures while Tester and Congress work on a balanced reform bill. Tester said previous reform efforts do not preserve needed mail delivery standards or the future viability of the Postal Service.

“A proposal we’re working on will give the Postal Service the flexibility to raise new revenue while reducing the costly mandate to pre-fund retirement benefits,” Tester said. “We are trying to reform the Postal Service without putting the burden on rural America. But in the meantime, there’s no reason to make our work harder and hurt regular American families.”

The Postal Service is struggling financially in part due to the 2006 law – enacted before Tester was a member of the Senate – that requires the Postal Service to prepay retirement benefits of postal employees at a rate higher than necessary.

Tester is a member of the Senate’s Governmental Affairs Committee that oversees the Postal Service. He has previously criticized the Postmaster General for taking steps to privatize the agency and opposed the Committee's postal reform bill because it did not preserve strong enough mail delivery standards in rural America or adequately support postal workers.

Watch Senator Tester's speech in its entirety at this link.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Postal Service not pursuing marijuana charges due to "small amount" (586 grams = 20.6705 ounces or 1.29191 pounds)

  USPS not pursuing charges following marijuana bust

"...Postal Inspector David Birch said because it was a small amount of marijuana, the USPS has decided to let local authorities prosecute the case...."


Sunday, November 16, 2014

PMG Megan J. Brennan: The next Postmaster General

  Currently the next Postmaster General (PMG), Megan J. Brennan, is the USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
Megan J. Brennan (Photo: USPS)
Megan J. Brennan was named Chief Operating Officer and executive vice president in December 2010. Brennan leads the continuous improvement of the entire postal network operation as well as the allocations of people and resources. She reports to the Postmaster General.

Brennan has responsibility for the day-to-day activities of 491,000 career employees working in more than 31,000 facilities supported by a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles. She is responsible for Post Offices, delivery and retail operations, facilities and the mail processing network. Reporting to Brennan are the vice presidents of Delivery and Post Office Operations, Facilities, Network Operations, Retail Channel Operations and the seven vice presidents of Area Operations.

Previously she was vice president of Eastern Area Operations. As the senior postal official she oversaw an area that encompassed Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, Central and South Jersey, Western New York and parts of Virginia and Indiana. Reporting to the deputy postmaster general and chief operating officer, she was responsible for postal operations, including processing and distribution, customer service and administrative operations.

A 27-year veteran of the Postal Service, Brennan served as vice president of Northeast Area Operations from May 2005 until being named vice president of Eastern Area Operations. Prior to that, she was manager of Operations Support for the Northeast Area. In this capacity, she was responsible for coordinating and integrating processing and distribution, transportation and delivery operations throughout the Northeast Area.

Brennan also held the headquarters position of manager of Field Support and Integration, where she worked directly for the Chief Operating Officer.

Brennan joined the Postal Service in 1986 as a letter carrier in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and began her management career as a delivery and collection supervisor. She has in-depth experience in both line management and support positions, having worked at the district, area and headquarters levels. She served as district manager, Springfield, Massachusetts, and plant manager for the Lehigh Valley and Reading, Pennsylvania, processing and distribution facilities.

Brennan is a graduate of Immaculata College in Pennsylvania. She is a Sloan Fellow and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


NPMHU Local 317 Election Results (November 8, 2014 Election)

  NPMHU Local 317 Election Results (November 8, 2014 Election)
Click for Election Results
Reference: NPMHU 317

Friday, November 14, 2014

Huntsville Postal Workers Protest 2015 Delaying of Mail

  Postal Workers plan Huntsville protest

"...According to the American Postal Workers Union, they're coming together to "Stop Delaying America's Mail."..."


Postmaster General Donahoe is Out, Megan Brennan Appointed First Female Postmaster General

  U.S. Postmaster General Donahoe to retire in February

"...United States Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe, who has led the financially troubled U.S. Postal Service for four years, is set to retire in February 2015..."


Monday, November 10, 2014

Are you using a good antivirus on your computer? Purchase AVG Internet Security from Amazon


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With all the data breaches taking place all over the internet, are you protecting yourself with quality virus protection? If not, get AVG, Ultimate virus protection for everything you do online including banking and shopping.
Reference: AVG Internet Security + PC TuneUp 2014, 3-User 1-Year - ESD [Download]

USPS Acknowledges Cyber-Intrusion: Employee Information Released in Breach

  USPS Acknowledges Cyber-Intrusion: Employee Information Released in Breach
On November 10, 2014, the United States Postal Service notified the NPMHU of a cyber-intrusion into some of its information systems. According to the USPS, the investigation indicates that files containing employee information were compromised, including names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, beginning and end dates of employment, and emergency contact information for all active employees. The Service claims that steps have already have been taken to strengthen the security of USPS systems affirming that there will be additional measures in the coming days and weeks. The Service is working closely with the FBI, the Department of Justice, Inspector General and Postal Inspection Service, and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team to determine the source and magnitude of the breach.

The Postal Service will be conducting stand-up talks with all employees. There are some immediate steps you can take. According to the Service, a personalized letter from the Postmaster General is being sent to your home address via First-Class Mail with an enrollment code for a credit monitoring product that is being provided to all employees free of charge for one year. The Union encourages you to take advantage of this free service. If you do not receive your letter by November 20, please contact the Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSSC) at 1-877-477-3273, and choose option 5 (option 1 for TDD/TTY), Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m.– 8:30 p.m., ET.

Rest assured that the NPMHU is doing everything possible to ensure that the Postal Service takes appropriate steps to minimize the adverse effects of this privacy failure. Watch your bulletin boards, U.S. Mail and Union publications for additional information.

For more information, please read:

  • USPS Cyber Intrusion and Employee Data Compromise Employee Frequently Asked Questions

  • USPS Newsbreak: Notification of cyber intrusion and employee data compromise

  • Reference:

    USPS employee data breach reported, data of over 500,000 employees and customers allegedly compromised

      U.S. Postal Service employees' information compromised in latest data breach

    "...Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer said personal information that might have been obtained in the attack includes employees' names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, emergency contacts and other information...."


    NPMHU Prevails in Lead Clerk National Arbitration

      NPMHU Prevails in Lead Clerk National Arbitration

    November 7, 2014- We are extremely pleased to announce that the NPMHU has prevailed in its National arbitration against the Postal Service over the ability of the Postal Service to allow Lead Clerks to supervise or in any way to assign or direct the work of members of the Mail Handler craft.

    Arbitrator Das' Award makes two important findings:

  • First, Arbitrator Das stressed, as the Postal Service was forced to concede, that Lead Clerks "are not authorized to perform supervisory functions ... including decisions about hiring, promotion, discipline, approval of leave, the resolution of grievances, and employee evaluations. "

  • Second, Arbitrator Das made clear that, absent negotiations between the Postal Service and the NPMHU, the Postal Service cannot utilize Lead Clerks to direct or guide the work of Mail Handlers.

  • A complete copy of the award and the Union's notification to the field is available for your review.


    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    Stats on 2014 Midterm Elections: A clearly divided country

      Midterm Elections 2014 Exit Polls

    Stats on 2014 midterm elections identify a deeply divided country. The GOP overtakes the House and Senate.


    Thursday, October 30, 2014

    David Koch: “We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service."


    David Koch of the extremely wealthy Koch brothers are investing heavily in agendas that only make the rich richer and the rest of us are paying for it. Although there is nothing wrong with people protecting and growing wealth, there is a problem with doing so off the backs of the blue-collar worker. Midterm elections are next month, please educate yourself before simply voting on unsubstantiated claims and promises. Although we will not go so far as to tell you who to vote for, we do suggest doing an internet search of legitimate resources to determine who is behind specific agendas. Please vote not only at the polls, but by where you shop and spend your money.

    Astounding: David Koch's 1980 VP Run: Kill Medicare, Social Security, Minimum Wage, Public Schools

    "...“We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system, in addition to being inefficient, encourages governmental surveillance of private correspondence. Pending abolition, we call for an end to the monopoly system and for allowing free competition in all aspects of postal service.”..."


    Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Reminder: Don't forget to vote in the Local 317 election

      NPMHU Local 317 Election
    NPMHU 317
    NPMHU 317
    You should be in receipt of your ballot for the NPMHU Local 317 Election. Thanks in advance for participating in the election process for the future leaders/representatives of the mail handler craft.

    Postal unions continue the battle against the degradation of America's postal service

      Postal unions continue fight plant-closure battle

    "...Mail processing plants are not only needed to continue to maintain high delivery standards, such as overnight and prompt delivery, but they’re also the livelihood of countless workers. With 82 plants slated to close nationwide—..."


    Monday, October 20, 2014

    In spite of Alabama's anti-union politicians, Mercedes Benz identifies the value of unions

      In spite of Alabama's anti-union politicians, Mercedes Benz identifies the value of unions

    "...The MBUSI plant in Tuscaloosa County is the only Daimler plant in the world that does not currently offer employee representation. Organized by MBUSI employees, UAW Local 112 offers workers the opportunity for a voice in the workplace that aligns with Daimler AG's global commitment to the German principle of "co-determination" between management and employees..."

    Reference: Huntsville Economic Development  

    Friday, October 17, 2014

    Jacksonville Postal Facility to Absorb Gainesville Mail

      Jacksonville USPS sorting facility to take on Gainesville mail

    "...Most people we found dropping off mail at Jacksonville's main sorting facility had no idea anything would be changing with their mail. But the King Street sorting facility is getting set to take on new responsibility: handling mail not only from this region but Alachua County area too when the sorting faculty in Gainesville closes...."


    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    NPMHU Challenges Planned Closures and Consolidations via National Level Grievance

      NPMHU Challenges Planned Closures and Consolidations via National Level Grievance

    The National Postal Mail Handlers Union has initiated a Step 4 grievance concerning violations arising from the Postal Service's plans to close or consolidate approximately 82 facilities starting in January 2015. In particular, the NPMHU believes that the Postal Service's decision to close or consolidate these facilities is a violation of Handbook P0-408, Area Mail Processing (AMP) Guidelines, which is incorporated into the National Agreement through Article 19.

    Additional details available at this link. (pdf)
    Reference: National Postal Mail Handlers Union

    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    This is an example of why the need for labor union's exist

      Wal-Mart raises healthcare costs, cuts benefits for some part-timers

    "... Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the biggest U.S. private sector employer, said on Tuesday that its 1.3 million workers would have to pay more for healthcare and it would end benefits for some part-time staff in a move that could prompt other companies to follow suit...."


    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Postal Service spent more than $33 million while not following its policy and contract requirements on cloud computing technologies

      USPS cloud systems don’t comply with established standards, OIG says

    "...Released Sept. 4, the report said the agency spent more than $33 million while not following its policy and contract requirements. “Without proper knowledge of and control over applications in the cloud environment, the Postal Service cannot properly secure cloud computing technologies and is at increased risk of unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive data,” the report said...."


    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    Southeastern and Northeastern US to Take Disproportionate Hit in Next Round of Mail Processing Facility Closures

    Data map found on identifies heavily unionized portions of the United States, as well as extreme population growth areas, will face the biggest attacks on service and displacement of the working-class in the next round of mail processing facility closures. Will economic and service impacts in these areas be as severe as many expect?

    One Map to Show Where USPS Will Cut 7,000 Jobs
    Map found on Government Executive
    Map found on Government Executive
    "...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has endorsed a proposal to reverse plans by the U.S. Postal Service to close an additional 82 facilities in 2015...."

    Saturday, August 23, 2014

    Mail Handlers Cost of Living Adjustments to be Effective September 6, 2014

      Mail Handlers Cost of Living Adjustments to be Effective September 6, 2014
    Effective on September 6, 2014, all career Mail Handler craft employees are scheduled to receive both the second and fourth of seven possible cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments as outlined in Articles 9.3 and 9.7 of the 2011 National Agreement. These two COLA increases are based on: 1) the upward change in the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI) Base following release of the July 2013 Index (this amount totaled $540, and as prescribed in the Fishgold Arbitration Award, the implementation of this COLA increase was delayed by one year); and 2) the upward change in that Index Base following release of the July 2014 Index (this amount totaled $687, but was not subject to a deferral period). Taken together, these two COLA adjustments resulted in an annual increase of $1,227 for all Steps in Table 1 and for Step P of Table 2. The remaining Steps in Table 2 have received the proportional COLA increase percentages as outlined in Article 9.7 of the National Agreement.

    View Updated Wage Charts

    Click Chart Above to Enlarge

    Click Chart Above to Enlarge


    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    Letter to All House Members: Support the Preservation of First-Class Mail Delivery Standards and Moratorium on Plant Closures

      Dear Colleague Letter Sent to All House Members Seeking Moratorium on Postal Closures
    The primary message of an NPMHU-endorsed August 15, 2014 “Dear Colleague” letter by Congressman David Joyce sent to all House members is to Support the Preservation of First-Class Mail Delivery Standards. In response to the United States Postal Service’s plans to close 82 mail processing facilities throughout 37 states in January of 2015, Representative Joyce writes, “[w]e ask you to support our efforts in obtaining a one-year moratorium on the closure of these 82 processing facilities and the preservation of First-Class mail delivery standards while Congress continues to work on comprehensive postal reform.” The letter highlights the degradation of mail service, and the possible elimination of up to 15,000 Postal Service jobs. It is hoped that this one-year moratorium will give Congress the time it needs to enact the comprehensive postal reforms that are necessary for the Postal Service to function effectively into the future.

    Read the August 15, 2014 “Dear Colleague” letter. (pdf)

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    Consumer Price Index Data for July 2014

      Consumer Price Index Summary

    "...The Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) increased 1.9 percent over the last 12 months to an index level of 234.525 (1982-84=100). For the month, the index fell 0.1 percent prior to seasonal adjustment...."


    Schedule for plant consolidations released

      Postal Service releases schedule of plant consolidations set for 2015

    "...The Postal Service has released a schedule showing when the phase-two mail processing plants will be consolidated next year. The spreadsheet shows the date on which each type of mail will be relocated from a closing facility to a gaining facility. As the schedule shows, the process would begin in January 2015 and continue until October, with much of the activity taking place next summer. ..."


    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Albuquerque Postal Shooting

      Post office shooting: Man went after supervisor

    " the vehicle maintenance facility. It's unclear if the suspect worked in that part of the post office or not. Police did say the shooting occurred inside a fenced off area...."


    Friday, August 15, 2014

    One-Year Moratorium Sought on Postal Service Mail Processing Plant / Facility Closures

      50 Senators Call for Moratorium on USPS Facility Closures
    "...So without congressional reform, the post office has already consolidated 141 mail-processing facilities since 2012 and more closures are expected, which the bipartisan group wants to halt by including a provision on the omnibus or continuing resolution Congress is likely to pass before the Sept. 30 end of the fiscal year. “In the absence of Congressional compromise, the Postal Service will propose more sweeping changes to its operations,” the letter warned...."

    Sunday, August 10, 2014

    NPMHU Local 317 2014 Nomination Meeting for Local Officers: Notification Letter

    August 8, 2014

    To: Members of Local 317
    Subject: National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local #317
          2014 Nomination Meeting for Local Officers

    We The Judges of Election have received a protest from a member in good standing of Local 317 concerning the notification of the nomination meeting.

    It has come to our attention that the nomination meeting held on July 19, 2014 was not in accordance with the National Constitutions of the NPMHU. This letter is serving notice that the before mention meeting and all of the nominations are rescinded immediately. This is also to advise all members in good standing of Local 317 of the NPMHU that a new meeting will be held on September 6, 2014 and will be at 12:00pm. The meeting will conclude following the reading of all properly mailed nominations and nominations from those on the floor at the commencement of the meeting. The meeting will be held at: Local #317 Headquarters, 216 Oporto Madrid Blvd; Birmingham, Alabama 35206. Nominations shall be made in the following order:

    1. Local President
    2. Vice President
    3. Recording Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. State Executive Board Member(s)
    6. Branch President(s)

    A candidate shall not be entitled to simultaneously run for more than one office in the local union, except candidates for Branch President who may also run for one other position, which entails membership on the Executive Board. Branch President must be nominated and elected by members in good standing from their branch.

    If you are unable to attend the Nomination Meeting you must send your nomination(s) via registered, certified or express mail to:

    • Judges of the 2014
    • Election of Officers of Local #317
    • P.O. Box 610630
    • Birmingham, Alabama 35206

    Nominations made in advance of the Nomination Meeting by other methods, such as regular mail, facsimile, or hand delivery will not be accepted. Mailed nominations must be received by the Nomination Meeting and shall be read by the Judges at the Nomination Meeting. No member may not nominate more than one (1) candidate for each office. If a member nominates more than one (1) candidate for a particular office, all nominations for that office by that member shall be null and void. A member need not be present at the Nomination Meeting in order to be nominated. After the nominations have been completed, the judges shall determine whether or not each nominee possesses all of the qualifications for serving as an officer. Any member in good standing wishing to protest the eligibility of a nominee must communicate his/her objections to the Judges as soon as possible, but in no case later than five (5) days after the close of nominations.

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    What lengths will they go to crush a whistle-blower?

      USPS Sued By Feds For Labeling Whistle-Blower A Drug-Using “Terrorist”
    "...This is when, says the DOL, the USPS management began to engage “in a concerted effort to pressure the county prosecutor’s office to criminally prosecute” the employee because he’d contacted the authorities about his safety concerns.

    The complaint states that USPS supervisors told people the employee was a drug user, dangerous, unstable, and “a terrorist” with no factual evidence to back up these statements...."

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

      Union Plus Supports Union Families with $20K Student Loan Giveaway
    Union Plus $20K Student Loan Giveaway
    Union Plus $20K Student Loan Giveaway
    The $20K Student Loan Giveaway is the latest way Union Plus is showing its commitment to Union families and higher education. Union Plus will put a major dent in the student loan debt of three lucky winners who will receive a grand prize of $10K or one of two $5K loan payments. Plus, more prizes of courses, consultations and books - provided by The Princeton Review - will also be awarded.

    Eligible entrants can register and receive all contest and program details at this link.

    Register to win by August 15, 2014. Terms and Conditions

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    The US Postal Service announces plans to resume plant closings and consolidations

      USPS announces plans to resume plant closings and consolidations

    (June 30, 2014) The Union was notified this afternoon that the Postal Service plans to reinstitute the “Network Rationalization Plan” starting next year, in January 2015. You will recall that many of the plant closings and consolidations were put on hold earlier this year, in February 2014, when the Postal Service announced in the Federal Register that it was suspending any further implementation of its changes to service standards.

    This news is very disturbing, and continues a pattern of foolhardy actions by the USPS in a misguided “cut to survive” strategy that will ultimately lead to the demise of the Postal Service. It also represents the Service’s latest attempt to threaten Members of Congress with adverse consequences in their home districts if the Postmaster General does not get the legislation he is supporting.

    You will recall that in prior rounds of closings and consolidations the National Office disseminated guidance to the Local Unions and all union representatives on how best to react to the various situations that may arise as a result of a particular closing and/or consolidation. We plan to update those materials, and will distribute them again during the coming weeks.

    The National Office plans to work closely with all of our Local Unions to develop the best strategy to combat this ill-advised action by the PMG. Rest assured that we will insist on full compliance with the National Agreement, and that all contractual provisions will be enforced against the Postal Service should it proceed down this road.

    Click here to view the correspondence received today, which includes a list of facilities that are targeted.

    Click here to view the Network Rationalization Stand-Up Talk narratives provided by the USPS.

    Click here to view the list of planned consolidations.

    Reference: National Postal Mail Handlers Union

    "the most important labor law case the court has considered in decades"

      Who Is Behind the National Right to Work Committee and its Anti-Union Crusade?

    "... If the court follows National Right to Work's lead, every state in the country would essentially turn into an anti-union "right to work" state, which would be a significant blow to public sector unions' collective bargaining efforts and also complicate thousands of existing contracts..."


    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    Reject Misguided Plan to Fund Federal Highway Trust Fund: Do Not Eliminate Saturday Mail Delivery as a “pay for”

      AFL-CIO Urges Congress to Reject Misguided Plan to Fund Federal Highway Trust Fund

    "... I urge you to oppose eliminating Saturday mail delivery as a “pay for” to replenish the federal highway trust fund. The Highway Trust Fund cannot be allowed to run out of money, but Congress should not make one bad policy choice to avoid another...."


    Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    NPMHU supports APWU 'Stop Staples' campaign

      Mail Handlers Make It Official: Don’t Buy Staples

    "...The National Postal Mail Handlers Union continues to demonstrate outstanding support for the Stop Staples campaign, with its National Executive Board voting unanimously to endorse the APWU’s ‘Don’t Buy’ call. “All Union members are being asked to avoid patronizing Staples during this boycott. The outsourcing of postal jobs and services must stop,” the NPMHU wrote on its website. “All NPMHU Local Presidents are encouraged to adopt a Don’t Buy Staples policy, said NPMHU President John Hegarty. “I am hopeful that our members, their families and friends will support this important cause by boycotting Staples.” “We greatly appreciate the expression of solidarity,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein...."


    Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    FedEx shooting suspect was strapped for battle


    FedEx Shooting Update

    Witness: Georgia shooting suspect looked 'like he was heading into war'

    "...A gunman opened fire at a FedEx Corp facility in suburban Atlanta early on Tuesday, injuring six people before killing himself, apparently with his own weapon, police said...."


    Friday, April 25, 2014

    Litigation continues in Aug. 14, 2013, UPS Cargo Plane Crash: Birmingham couple $leeping close to scene demands damages

      UPS files motion for partial summary judgment in Birmingham crash suit

    "..."The Bensons were never in the zone of danger," the motion states. "The closest the complaint describes any debris coming to the Bensons is 40 feet from the bedroom in which they were sleeping."..."


    Friday, April 18, 2014

    COLA Update: Consumer Price Index - March 2014

  • Contract Reference:
  • BLS Reference:
  • Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Postmaster General thinks workforce will be reduced by 10,000 in 2015 without buyout incentives

      Postal Service to reduce workforce by 10,000
    2014 Postal Buyouts
    PMG says no buyouts
    "...The Postal Service plans to shrink its workforce by 10,000 positions in fiscal 2015, according to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. The reductions will be entirely through attrition..."

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    Postal Unions Unite in Historic Agreement to Protect Americas Postal Service

      Postal Unions Unite in Historic Agreement to Protect Americas Postal Service
    2014 Proclamation
    Click for Larger Image
    On March 10, 2014 an historic agreement was signed by the Postal Union Presidents representing the Mail Handlers, American Postal Workers, City Letter Carriers and Rural letter Carriers. The purpose of the agreement is to show our solidarity, and to protect the invaluable institution that is the United States Postal Service. We call upon our members, and the American Public to join with us in this important endeavor. We stand for a public Postal Service, enhancement and expansion of service and protection of good union jobs in our communities. We stand with the people of our country in defense of their right to a universal postal service operated in the public interest. We commit to work together to: Maintain six-day and home delivery. Protect and restore service standards and mail processing facilities. Maintain full-time, full-service public post offices in every community. Oppose the subcontracting of work and privatization of services. Expand postal services to include basic banking, notary, check-cashing and other services. End the corporate welfare of excessive pre-sort discounts. Form a common front in the fight for genuine postal reform legislation. Organize joint actions and speak in a united voice. Unite with other labor unions in defense of the rights of postal workers and all workers. Encourage joint efforts of our union members at the local level. Support maximum cooperation in the next round of contract negotiations. Build an alliance with the American people in defense of the public postal service. Follow link for more information.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Destruction of the Postal Service and collective bargaining rights

      Postal Workers: The Last Union
    National Postal Mail Handlers Union
    NPMHU 317
    "...The Postal Service, which is older than the Constitution itself, stands at a precipice. If this great institution, which provides one of the oldest, most reliable services in the country, is permitted to fall and Congress kills its great union, then truly no collective bargaining rights, no worker contract, no union will be safe within the United States...."

    Friday, March 7, 2014

    Please take a moment to sign the Stop Staples petition
    Stop Staples Petition
      U.S. Mail Is Not For Sale! Please take a moment to sign this p
    "...Staples and the U.S. Postal Service have cut a deal that jeopardizes your mail service and your local post office. In fact, post offices across the country are at risk – along with thousands of good jobs. ..."
    Reference: News Postal  

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    Obama Agrees With Issa and Endorses the End of Saturday Mail Delivery

      Obama Endorses the End of Saturday Mail Delivery

    "... So the president’s budget puts Obama at odds with unions that helped elect him and on the side of Issa, with whom he rarely agrees. Such are the politics of postal reform in the United States...."


    Friday, February 28, 2014

    Mail Handler COLA effective March 8, 2014

      Mail Handlers to Receive Wage Increase Effective March 8, 2014
    March 2014 Mail Handler COLA Wage Chart
    Click for Large View
    Effective on March 8, 2014, all career Mail Handler craft employees are scheduled to receive the first of seven possible cost of-living (COLA) adjustments as outlined in Article 9.3 of the 2011 National Agreement. This COLA increase is based on the upward change in the relevant Consumer Price Index (CPI) Base following release of the January 2013 Index. As prescribed in the Fishgold Arbitration Award, the implementation of this COLA increase was delayed by one year. This Consumer Price Index change resulted in an annual increase of $146 for all Steps in Table 1 and for Step P of Table 2. The remaining Steps in Table 2 have received the proportional COLA increase percentages as outlined in Article 9.7 of the 2011 National Agreement. Because of slight deflation in the U.S. economy and a corresponding decline in the CPI Index between July 2013 and January 2014 there was no COLA increase for that adjustment period.

    Click here to download a chart which reflects the new wage rates for career Mail Handlers resulting from these COLA increases that are effective on March 8, 2014.

    Click here to download a related correspondence and copy of the updated Mail Handler wage chart sent to each Local President on February 27, 2014.

    Follow this conversation at Federal Soup

    Reference: National Postal Mail Handlers Union

    Wednesday, February 26, 2014

    Mail carriers in oil patch offered incentives (20% pay increases; $1,000 Bonuses)

      Mail carriers in oil patch offered incentives

    "...Sen. John Hoeven announced the agreement between the Postal Service and its union on Wednesday. The agreement calls for pay increases of up to 20 percent for rural carriers; newly hired carriers also will receive hiring bonuses that total $1,000 after one year. Current carriers also get the same sum within a year. ..."


    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    All Article 12 Excessing Related to Area Mail Processing Events Placed on Indefinite Hold

      All Article 12 Excessing Related to Area Mail Processing Events Placed on Indefinite Hold

    "...(February 24, 2014) All excessing related to Area Mail Processing events has been place on an indefinite hold. The Postal Service is releasing the residual vacancies withheld for placement of employees who were potentially impacted by AMP events. ...


    Alabama scores low in 'Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index'

      Report: The most miserable states in the USA
    "...The median household income in Alabama of just $41,574 in 2012 was fourth lowest in the nation. The relatively low income of many state residents may have made it difficult for them to access basic necessities. Relatively few Alabama residents said they had enough money to afford medicine, food or adequate shelter. Alabama residents also had among the worst physical health in the nation. High blood pressure and diabetes in particular were much more common in Alabama than in most other states. Also, there were 236 deaths per 100,000 people due to heart disease, the second-most nationwide...."

    You Still Get Busted for Mailing Marijuana in Alabama

      You Still Get Busted for Pot in Alabama
    "...police are also having to keep an eye on your mail box. Some are traveling to legal marijuana states and mailing pot to themselves via the post office, FedEx or UPS. Or, they are having friends to it for them. Some are getting away with it, but not all. Those caught, face a federal charge...."

    Mail Processing facilities across the country tout closure postponements

      USPS postpones closure of Cape mail-processing center

    "... The timeline of the postponement, and whether it means mail processing operations will be moved back to the Cape Girardeau facility, are unclear. The new implementation date for the second phase will be announced in the Federal Register at least 90 days before it takes effect, according to the USPS statement. ..."


    Tallevast mail distribution center to remain open

      U.S. Postal Service to keep Tallevast center open

    "...In a change of course that surprised many, the U.S. Postal Service has decided to keep open its Tallevast distribution center and 126 jobs will be saved as a result, it was announced Sunday...."


    Thursday, February 20, 2014

    UPS pilot that crashed cargo aicraft in Birmingham says schedules were killing him

      UPS Crash Pilot Said Schedule Was ‘Killing’ Him, NTSB Says

    "...Captain Cerea Beal told a fellow UPS pilot within a day of the Aug. 14 flight that “the schedules are killing him and he could not keep this up,” according to records released today at a hearing by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board...."


    Former Postal Service Officer-in-charge of Shelby County post office pleads guilty to stealing more than $27,000 in money orders

      Longtime employee of Shelby County post office pleads guilty to theft charges

    "BIRMINGHAM, Alabama...had worked for the post office in Shelby County since 1988. She later became the officer-in-charge, a position that included maintaining stamp stock and money order inventories. In April 2013, a report showed discrepancies in transactions..."


    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

    Postal Reform Bill S.1486: Destruction of the national infrastructure and employee benefits

      Can it get much worse? The Senate tries postal reform, again

    "...While the bill doesn’t take postal employees and retirees out of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP), it does create a separate postal risk pool and a separate postal plan within FEHBP. With a few exceptions, employees and retirees will only be permitted to join plans within the postal plan. Those eligible for Medicare must fully enroll in both Medicare Part A and Part B (there are exceptions but those are limited and eventually every eligible is shifted to Medicare). There is an open season for those currently eligible for Medicare who have not enrolled, and a waiver period is granted for penalties that would apply to those who did not enroll in Part B when first eligible...."


    VW, a company supporting blue coller workers; Will VW workers vote for a union?

      VW Plant's Union Vote Could Be a Southern Labor Breakthrough

    "...VW considers labor-management cooperation a competitive advantage, and the company has said it concluded that the creation of a works council in the U.S. would require union representation at the plant...."


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    Monday, February 3, 2014

    Shortage of 'outsourced' locks for cluster mailboxes

      Postal privatization sneaking in? Outsourced postal locks, forced neighborhood cluster mailboxes instead of curbside service

    "...The nationwide shortage started after the Postal Service, which had historically manufactured the locks, decided last year to outsource..."


    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    Processing facility closures postponed as closures required implementation of mail service standard changes

    Revised Service Standards for Market-Dominant Mail Products; Postponement of Implementation Date

    Snip from the Article: "... This document announces the postponement of the implementation date for the revised service standards for market-dominant mail products that were scheduled to take effect on February 1, 2014, as part of the Network Rationalization initiative. The new implementation date will be announced by the Postal Service in the Federal Register at least 90 days before it takes effect. ..."

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    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Six Sigma: Postal Service touting program of failure to managers?

      Six Sigma: Postal Service touting program of failure to managers?

    "...Is the Postal Service becoming too dependent on a management program that has been discounted by some as a proven failure? It appears they are employing ‘Six Sigma’ heavily[1], but history and the S&P 500 may be proof as to why the Postal Service may be investing in the wrong direction with Six Sigma. Read more on the process and you decide...."


    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Privatization, Delivery Standard Changes, closing processing facilities and reducing the number of postal employees


    With a smile on his face as he gives postal employee jobs to Staples' stores, Donahoe said privatization “would be a crazy idea..."

    Staples’ selling postal products without USPS workers stirs fears of privatization

    "...Delivery standards are a personal issue with Tester, an issue he wants addressed in postal reform legislation that has bounced around Capitol Hill for years. “I’ve been late for house payments” because of poor delivery resulting from the closing of processing centers, he said in an office interview. He said his wife mails payments a week earlier than previously...."


    Friday, January 17, 2014

    USPS Headquarters staff increases, Mail Handlers and Clerks hit hard in employee cuts

      Clerks hit hardest by USPS cuts, stats show. Headquarters grows.

    "...The one sector to grow during that time was headquarters staff (not counting field support), which increased a little more than 5 percent...."


    Friday, January 10, 2014

    Mail service standard changes: Request for public comment

      Service Standards for Destination Sectional Center Facility Rate Standard Mail

    "...The Postal Service seeks public comment on proposed revisions to the service standards for Standard Mail that is eligible for Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) rates. The revisions would change the service standard (a) from three days to four days for Standard Mail pieces that..."


    Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    Postal Service is booming! ...but being oddly quiet about outstanding revenue growth

      USPS Exceeded Holiday Package Delivery Volume

    "...The USPS said package volume grew by 210 million pieces (6%), and that fiscal year revenues increased $923 million...."


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